We believe that you should always have safe and accessible options when it comes to your health, wellbeing, and quality of life.

Safe Accessible Solutions cannabis dispensary is serving up exactly that by providing high-quality cannabis products to the city of Sacramento. We are committed to providing superior customer service by educating our customers about their products so that they fully understand what’s in our store. As long as you have a valid 21+ ID, you are welcome to stop by and check out our selection of top-quality cannabis products every day of the week.

And by soon transitioning to Kolas, we’re only getting better and better at doing what we do best.

Online ordering system coming soon!

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“As a beginner in all this, the staff was thorough in answering all my questions and helping me get what I needed. Both staff and security were very friendly. For as much as I had purchased, receiving 20% off the top is what made me choose this place out of 20 locations here in Sac. I recommend this place and plan on coming back again.”

koreanchococat, Hidden Gem

“Simple selection. Great pricing. Friendly staff always willing to answer any questions you may have. I never felt pressured to hurry up not even on my last holiday trip. Heavy pour on all eights. Flower seems fresher than other leaders in the area. Quality was wonderful. The riverside og is the best thing I’ve ever had for a good night’s sleep.”

colaroyal, Amazing products!

“Hands down best prices on concentrate, editable & flower! They always have a bomb selection to choose from!! Super nice staff too! Forever my go to club!”

PrincessFallon, My favorite club!

“I’ve been coming here for a little over a year, and I stopped going to any other shop in Sac. The $100 concentrate deals are my go to, but their flowers, edibles, etc. are amazing as well. Lots of different things, and qualities, to choose from depending on your own personal usage. Last but not least, the staff. They really know their products.”

Zehbrah, The. Best. Shop. I've. Ever. Been. To.

“Was a great experience. Very calm atmosphere. no loud music and not very busy. The staff were very friendly, polite and helpful. my budtender was very easy to talk to and not pushy at all. my questions were answered and good suggestions were given based on what I was looking for. prices are awesome too.”

darkprince1119, Very easy, relaxed visit

“I literally cant say anything bad about SAS they have always been extremely friendly and inviting. they have great prices and amazing deals. this is by far my favorite club in sac thanks guys for being so great!”

qmackanesss, I absolutely love these guys!