8 420-Friendly Things to Do with Your Me Time

1. Get crafty

Safe Accessible Solutions - SAS - 420-friendly things to do


If you’re looking for 420-friendly things to do that’ll unleash your inner artist, try a crafty day in!

Strains like J1 and MediHaze can provide so much when it comes to inspiring your inner creativity.

Use that as an excuse to have some fun and get DIY crazy!

Make a wreath for your door, research some touching home-made holiday gifts that you can put together for the family, or even fashion a DIY smoking tool.

2. Snuggle up in your bathtub

Safe Accessible Solutions - SAS - 420-friendly things to do


You heard us right!

Your bathtub is the most underrated and underutilized space in your whole house.

If you want 420-friendly things to do in the comfort of your own home, this might be the plan for you.

Check that it’s completely dry and lay all of your pillows and blankets in it.

Then bring your laptop or tablet to watch movies, or even just cuddle up with a good book for a fun and cozy spot to chill.

Don’t forget the weed!

3. Visit a dispensary

Safe Accessible Solutions - SAS - 420-friendly things to do


When you want some high me time, the most glorious place to visit is a dispensary.

But if you want an experience with knowledgeable and friendly budtenders, all price ranges, and a sunshiney atmosphere, you’re definitely going to want to come visit us at Safe Accessible Solutions.

Visiting our dispensary is one of the most 420-friendly things to do in Sacramento.

Hang out with the local cannabis enthusiasts and learn more about your favorite plant with us.

4. Practice high yoga

Safe Accessible Solutions - SAS - 420-friendly things to do


Stretching can make an enormously positive impact on your body.

Connecting the breath and the mind can make for a completely well-rounded and enriching physical, mental, and sometimes spiritual process.

Adding cannabis into the mix is just the cherry on top.

If you’re enjoying some me time while you’re getting high, doing some yoga stretches, especially in the morning during a wake-n-bake, can help you to potentially feel good all day long.

There have even been actual ganja yoga classes lead in Oakland and LA, if you’re looking for more 420-friendly things to do outside of Sacramento.

5. Make yourself something exciting for dinner

Safe Accessible Solutions - SAS - 420-friendly things to do


Put on some fun jazz music and get creative in the kitchen!

Chances are, if you’re smoking strains that help with loss of appetite like Blue Dream, GSC, or Green Crack, you’re probably going to get the munchies.

Instead of whipping up the usual, look up a recipe that sounds really delicious and treat yourself!

Have fun and get creative with what you make, and make it just how you like it.

6. Pick up a good book

Safe Accessible Solutions - SAS - 420-friendly things to do


Open your mind with a book about the universe by Carl Sagan, enjoy an exciting memoir like Eat Pray Love, or enjoy a hilarious and satirical fiction like Good Omens by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman.

Curling up with a good book is always relaxing, and while high, it becomes one of the most relaxing and entertaining 420-friendly things to do ever.

Plus, getting high and then reading a book that you’ve already read sober can provide for a strangely nostalgic but different experience.

The story will seem the same, but it won’t feel the same as you read it.

You’ll see what I mean.

7. Sleep in

Safe Accessible Solutions - SAS - 420-friendly things to do


Smoke on a powerful indica like Calm 101 or Purple Urkle, or enjoy a nice potent edible before bed for the best sleep of your life.

Get nightmares? Getting high before bed can help you nip those in the bud.

Use your me time to catch up on precious sleep, and then wake up with a wake-n-bake!

It’s the perfect way to go to sleep and wake up.

8. Nothing

Safe Accessible Solutions - SAS - 420-friendly things to do


Ah, yes. The art of doing nothing. This is when you can really go into zen mode.

Sometimes, because of the society we live in, we feel pressured to use all of our time as a means of producing.

We feel the need to always be doing something. However, it might be good for our bodies and minds if we took a break for a moment.

Try meditating, or just zone out on the couch. In any case, doing nothing is probably one of the most 420-friendly things to do.

As long as you stick to indicas for this activity, your brain should probably let you mellow out.


What’s your favorite 420-friendly things to do when you have some me time to spare? Let us know in the comments section below!