5 of the Best Highdeas for Summertime

Ahh, the genius highdea.

We’ve all had them.

Well, some are less genius than others.

In any case, a highdea is that uniquely profound (or stupid) idea that you have…well, when you’re high.

As the UrbanDictionary example states:

Jimbo had a highdea last night that was sure would make him a multi-millionaire. The next morning, however, he realized that no one would be interested in purchasing live ducks to wear as headwear.”

Indeed, Jimbo. Indeed.

But we’ve chosen only the best highdeas for you to carry with you throughout your summer of fun and summer of bud.

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This one comes from a stoner genius that wants to host a Summer Weedlympics with their buds.

This summer 10 of my friends are gonna throw on an ounce and go to one of their houses. Make two teams of 5 and split the ounce in half then see who can finish it the fastest using only bongs.”

While you’re at it, see which of your friends can roll a better joint, can do better smoke tricks, and can choose the best munchies at your local 7-11.

The best highdeas are the ones that bring everyone together for an epic smoke sesh.

SAS - Safe Accessible Solutions - SAS blogs - best highdeas

Tell me I didn’t just blow your mind. I know I just blew your mind.”

Not gonna lie, this highdea really did just blow our minds.

Not only would this be the most refreshing and mind-bending summer drink, but imagine if you added some drops of your favorite cannabis tincture!

This highdea just keeps getting better and better.

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Get a bottle of bubbles. Get glow sticks. Cut open the glow sticks and dump them into the bubble solution. Turn off the lights and you got yourself glow in the dark bubbles. BOOM. You’re welcome.”

If you ever wanted to create an epic summer DIY low-budget stoner rave, this highdea is for you.

Create an ambiance of magic and wonder for your fellow stoners with bubbles that glow in the dark.

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Something to ponder on your next beach trip.

Everything above water must be like space to fish. They probably have no idea, but I bet the dolphins have some theories.”

Dolphins are wicked smart, so if any sea life knows what’s up, it’s gotta be the dolphins.

Them or the octopuses for sure.

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Since bugs and the county fair are both very real in the summertime, we thought this one was super relevant.

Think about it.

Your fan is like a super intense, and probably fatal, ferris wheel for any bugs that creep their way in.

Best highdeas ever!

Have you had any highdeas this summer? Drop them in the comments section below!