How to Not Freak Out During Big Life Transitions

Going through some sh*t? We’ve got your back.

Here are some tips we have to help you not totally freak out while navigating big life transitions. 

1. Sleep on it.

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Big life transitions mean big-time decisions.

If a certain decision can change the trajectory of your life, it’s ALWAYS best to sleep on it.

If you still feel the same way in the morning, you’ll know that it’s the right choice.

But if you feel differently, you’ll know that you dodged a bullet. 

Making big decisions in the heat of the moment when you’re angry or upset might make your life even harder than it was before.

And the last thing you want in this time of tumultuous change is to feel regretful.

No matter how unhappy you are in your current situation, give yourself a night of rest before coming to a decision about your next move. 

2. Seek help.

Safe Accessible Solutions - SAS - SAS blogs - big life transitions

Guys, it’s almost 2020. Everyone goes to therapy.

Seeking professional help during this big time in your life can have immense benefits and can help you be in the best possible spot to seize opportunities in your new chapter!

3. Surround yourself with people who support you.

Safe Accessible Solutions - SAS - SAS blogs - big life transitions

The people you surround yourself with will be crucial for you during big life transitions. 

Support from friends and family will be EVERYTHING. Lean on them and show them how much you appreciate them because those are the people who are going to really have your back throughout the entire process. 

Stay away from energy vampires. Energy vampires in your friend or family circle are the kind of people that feed on your kindness and willingness to listen to their issues, leaving you feeling drained and exhausted. Even more terrifying than actual vampires, energy vampires walk among us, in the daylight. Beware.

That being said, even though you’re going through some sh*t, don’t become an energy vampire to your friends and family. Remember that they’re people too. 

4. Take a walk.

Safe Accessible Solutions - SAS - SAS blogs - big life transitions

We’re not going to sit here and tell you to exercise and eat well during big life transitions. We all know that life is better when you’re taking care of yourself. But sometimes, that just feels way easier said than done.

When life is too overwhelming that even eating healthy and exercising sounds too overwhelming, just go outside and take a walk around the block.

The fresh air, moving around, and getting a change of scenery can be the perfect antidote to stress and emotional blockers.

5. Put down the bottle.

Safe Accessible Solutions - SAS - SAS blogs - big life transitions

It’s normal to want to escape in times of stress during big life transitions. 

But drinking to escape during these big moments in your life can easily turn your current issues into even bigger problems.

Instead, we recommend you put down the bottle and pick up a joint instead.

It may not offer the kind of black-out-puke-in-your-bathtub-text-your-ex escape, but it offers something so much more.

Cannabis can provide the kind of relaxation that feels natural, and with the right strain and dosage, clear-headed.

You can get that change in perspective you’re looking for while remaining rooted in your own body and mind.

6. Maintain a sense of routine.

Safe Accessible Solutions - SAS - SAS blogs - big life transitions

You’re going through a lot of changes right now.

Maybe you’re switching careers, coming out of a relationship, or moving to a new city.

Whatever your situation is, in times of great change, it can be so comforting to maintain a routine for a sense of stability. 

Even if that’s just doing some morning meditation, reading before bed, or having your favorite kind of coffee every day, doing something every day can help you stay grounded.

You may not feel like you’re in control of a lot of things right now, but you can set certain things in your life that pull you back down to earth.

At Safe Accessible Solutions, we care about you.

With big life transitions come huge opportunities for growth and we are HERE FOR IT.

But we know it’s not always easy.

In times of big changes and struggles, we want you to know that we’re always here for you.

Our doors are always open.

We even recommend making your trip to our dispensary a part of your new routine!

Even if it doesn’t make the cut, we still love seeing your face and hope you’re doing well amongst all of the change.

We hope to see you soon!