8 Relatable Cannabis Culture Things

If you know, you know.

Cannabis culture is such a unique and amazing part of society, and if you’ve experienced it, you probably consider yourself lucky.

While some people are still turning up their noses to cannabis culture, the rest of us are discovering a community of open-minded and nonjudgmental people to connect with about our favorite plant.

Here are 8 things that’ll have anyone in cannabis culture saying, “Relatable!”

1. When people ask if you smoke, you ask, ‘Smoke what?’

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When they roll their eyes and call you a stoner, you can let them know about how tobacco is the way bigger risk.

Smoking cigarettes may be more socially acceptable now, but once immersed in cannabis culture, you can’t unsee and unlearn the medical and recreational benefits. So really, if someone wants to know if you smoke, they should probably just be a little bit more specific.

2. Wearing sunglasses, or putting in eye drops, is an easy way to relieve paranoia.

There’s something about shielding your eyes that makes you feel invisible in the best way possible. Certain strains can give people dry, red eyes, and once covered by sunglasses or eye drops, every cannabis enthusiast knows the feeling of “tricking” society into thinking they’re sober. Sunglasses and eye drops are the first two essential items on the 5 things cannabis users don’t go into the world without.

3. Getting super high before hitting an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Safe Accessible Solutions blogs - SAS - cannabis culture

The munchies are real, so you and your friends know how to prepare for that amazing buffet-style restaurant. This place was meant for people like you! Food tastes so much better when you’re high, so you don’t even have to ask your friends if they want to get high beforehand. As soon as you arrive at their place before lunch, they’re already lighting up a joint. Plus, the serve-yourself style of any buffet is perfect for anyone who gets social anxiety when they’re high. It’s a win-win all around.

4. Rolling cool joints is impressive af.

Have you ever seen someone roll a cross joint or a tulip joint?! It’s so cool! You probably remember learning how to roll a joint, and it wasn’t always easy, and maybe you still have a hard time rolling a perfect joint. You’ve gained an appreciation for creative joints which is why it’s that much more impressive when someone rolls one up to smoke with you. What an honor!

5. Knowing which strains are perf for certain occasions.

Safe Accessible Solutions blogs - SAS - cannabis culture

Sometimes, knowing whether a strain is indica vs sativa isn’t enough. There are certain specific strains that make a great mood booster, and others that are perfect for falling asleep, and everything in between. You know which strains to party with, and which ones to mellow down to, which makes your love for cannabis culture grow even stronger.

6. You and your friends come up with the best highdeas.

You get a serious ab workout just by laughing so hard with your friends about the ridiculous stuff you all say when you’re high. The people you get high with are funny, insightful, and super entertaining, which is why your stoner besties are the freakin’ best. You can truly be yourself around them, and knowing that they understand your friendship’s own brand of silly and fun cannabis culture is so special.

7. You have to turn down the volume on your TV so that you can taste your dinner.

Safe Accessible Solutions blogs - SAS - cannabis culture

Okay, maybe this one is only relatable to those of us getting high out of our minds, but still. When you’re a part of cannabis culture, you’re an avid explorer of your own sensory perceptions and limits. Getting high allows you to explore new experiences and learn about yourself in a whole new way. And if that means turning down the volume so that you can taste your food, then so be it.

8. You know which dispensaries are the best in town.

You’ve probably hit them all, have gotten to know some of the budtenders, and have narrowed down your favorite spots in town. Whenever someone from out of town comes to visit, you already know which spots to go with them. You love seeing the look of awe on their face the first time they step into your favorite dispensary; because that was the same look you had on your face during your first time coming in.  We hope that Safe Accessible Solutions is on that list!

What are some of your favorite relatable cannabis culture stories? Share them with us in the comments section below!