Better than Counting 420 Sheep: The Best Cannabis for Insomnia

Better Than Counting 420 Sheep: The Best Cannabis for Insomnia in Sacramento

Whether you can’t fall asleep, or you can’t stay asleep, cannabis may be the key to stopping your insomnia.

When self-medicating with cannabis for insomnia, there are a few important things to remember.

Methods like edibles and tinctures tend to last longer than smoking or vaping your cannabis. If you want cannabis’s effects to last throughout the night, you may want to consider trying a new method.

We recommend having a bowl of a sleepy strain before bed and then having a dose of an indica tincture which will kick in about a half hour later. Then follow that up with a night-time capsule or edible which won’t kick in for about two hours, but will last for at least four hours. This combination is almost guaranteed to knock you out and give you the restful and peaceful sleep that you’re tired of not getting (pun intended).

Below is a list of the best strains to look for when you’re trying to treat your sleeplessness with cannabis. And the best part? These strains can all easily be found in Sacramento! The even better part?? These strains can all be found at our shop!

1. Tahoe OG

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While this strain may technically be a hybrid, it’s gained a legendary status among other sleepy indicas.

Known as the “rainy day” strain, it’s perfect for when you want to get comfy on your couch – or bed.

Enjoy a body high that feels like a heavy blanket tucking you in for the best night of sleep ever!

This strain is very powerful, so beginners beware.

This strain is notoriously strong and effective cannabis for insomnia.

Negative effects are usually only dry mouth and eyes, so don’t forget your eye drops and a glass of water on your nightstand!

2. Pink Kush

Safe Accessible Solutions blogs - SAS - cannabis for insomnia

Another hybrid, but barely.

This strain is 90% indica, and only 10% sativa.

As well as being known for being great cannabis for insomnia, Pink Kush is also a favorite among medicinal patients for many reasons.

This strain can also be utilized for treating anxiety, depression, migraines, chronic pain, mood disorders, and lack of appetite.

So be careful if you wait too long before going to bed, because you may find yourself in the kitchen instead.

As far as the namesake, the buds are full of tiny little pink hairs.

3. Lemon OG

Safe Accessible Solutions blogs - SAS - cannabis for insomnia

While, so far, the other two strains have been very body-heavy, Lemon OG is a little different.

This strain is known to provide a fast-acting sleepy cerebral experience.

Even though this strain is a member of the Kush family, this particular strain is a little more psychoactive than the rest, meaning it’ll get you a little higher.

But it still will grant you that awesome relaxing, medicated feel.

If you’re the kind of person whose mind starts racing before bed, start with this strain when it comes to using cannabis for insomnia.

4. Grand Daddy Purp

Safe Accessible Solutions blogs - SAS - cannabis for insomnia

Grand Daddy Purp is world famous, and for a good reason.

This strain is strong, potent, and sleep-inducing strain is the real deal and should be taken seriously (we’re looking at you, lightweights).

Typically utilized for a number of medical issues, many medical patients feel that GDP is their go-to strain.

The strong psychoactive effects are heavy on both the body and the mind for a full-conscious experience making it the perfect cannabis for insomnia.

5. Bubba Kush

Safe Accessible Solutions blogs - SAS - cannabis for insomnia

This 100% indica is not a daytime strain!

Unless you plan on taking an afternoon nap, this strain means business.

And by business, we mean sleepy time.

Many people turn to Bubba Kush for medicinal treatment, and insomnia is no exception.

The strong body high that you’ll experience with this strain will keep you firmly planted in your mattress for an amazing and restful sleep.

If you’re interested in treating any muscle pain before bed, you’ve gotta give Bubba Kush a try.

Insomnia can affect our lives every day. The drowsiness we feel during the day can affect our work and our play.

These cannabis strains have worked for so many of our medical patients.

They are even a fun night time strain for our recreational customers who just want to relax and veg out after a long day.

We have many options available of cannabis for insomnia, so stop by today to flip over the to the cool side of the pillow.

Did this blog get you feeling sleepy? Stop by our shop to pick up some of these perfect sleepy time strains and go and catch those Zs!

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