The Future of Medicine and How Cannabis Fits into That Future

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It’s no secret that people all over the country are turning to cannabis products for alternatives to their own medical treatments. And of those people, some are also turning their backs on traditional pharmaceuticals altogether.

Those of us in California are a few steps ahead of other parts of the country, so we are leading the way and setting an example of what a future of medicine that includes cannabis can look like.

As more research is conducted, we’ve all learned more about the medicinal benefits of THC, CBD, and cannabis products in general.

There’s enough information out there for us to make informed decisions about our own bodies, minds, and mental and physical wellbeing when it comes to cannabis and cannabis products.

So it’s only natural that we can conclude that cannabis is going to be bigger in the future of medicine than it is now.

Safe Accessible Solutions - SAS - SAS blogs - future of medicine


Our vision of the future of medicine is one that has fully accepted cannabis in all facets as a legitimate medication, alongside pharmaceuticals.

It shows a future where cannabis is just as accepted as Advil, and its every adult’s freedom and choice whether or not they want to take it, but there is no social stigma against it.

In fact, our vision of the future of medicine looks a lot like our vision of the past.

In the early 1900s, cannabis was of great medical interest to the West. Such a great interested in fact, that there were over 2,000 legal cannabis-infused medicines prior to 1937 made by at least 280 manufacturers!

This was normal back then, and nobody batted an eye. So why can’t it be normal now?

When cannabis was criminalized in the late 1930s, it wasn’t because the plant was dangerous. It was because of Harry Anslinger and his crusade to keep the Federal Bureau of Narcotics alive, fueled by xenophobia and racism. Seriously, look into it.

But decades before then, cannabis was widely recognized as a medical solution back in the old days, and even though legalization has seen some rough years in between then and now, we’re making great progress.

Both medical and recreational adult-use cannabis in California is legal, and we are so excited about the progress that has been made for the cannabis industry!

Safe Accessible Solutions - SAS - SAS blogs - future of medicine


At Safe Accessible Solutions, we love cannabis. We recognize it for all of the countless medicinal benefits it can provide, and we also see it as a fun substance that adults can, and should, explore responsibly at their leisure.

When we compare it to pharmaceuticals that are prescribed and even bought over the counter, we see cannabis for its negligible side effects that aren’t nearly as destructive or lengthy as other more socially accepted drugs.

We see it for its many different consumption methods made available for medical interest and recreational users alike. You don’t just need to smoke weed anymore, you can vape it, eat it, drink it, rub it on your skin, infuse it in some tea, and even take it in a capsule.

Safe Accessible Solutions - SAS - SAS blogs - future of medicine


That’s why, in our dispensary, we carry both products that are geared toward the medical crowd and products designed for the recreational market.

The overlaps are in that we only put products on the shelves that use only the best quality ingredients to create only the best quality products.

Considering the health of our patrons is at the forefront of our minds when putting products on our shelves, we are serious about providing products that are equal parts medically helpful and recreationally useful.

We believe that the future of medicine will not only hold solutions for important medical issues but will also provide something more. Healing for the soul. And that is something that only cannabis can offer. Not any of the pharmaceutical drugs that are available now.

Safe Accessible Solutions - SAS - SAS blogs - future of medicine


What does a future of medicine look like when cannabis is an integral part of it?

Well, we hope it’ll be a movement toward more holistic and natural healing methods, and that the general public accepts cannabis as easily as they accept Tylenol.

Until that day, we’ll continue advocating and educating at every turn.

Our staff is passionate about making cannabis, cannabis products, and any information readily accessible and available for adults who are interested in learning more.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and every time we can make a customer smile, or teach them something new about cannabis, we know we’ve done our job right.

It may be a long way to go before we see a vision for the future of medicine that so easily accepts cannabis, but we think we’re on the path towards it.

What do you think the future of medicine looks like when it comes to cannabis? Let us know in the comments section below!