What Cannabis Strain You Should Be Smoking Based on Your Myers Briggs Personality Type

Part 1

You’ve seen people identifying with four letters throughout social media profiles and dating sites, and are probably wondering, what’s going on?

Someone’s Myers Briggs personality type is a set of four letters that break up their personality into four parts. Introversion (I) or extroversion (E). Sensing (S) or intuitive (N). Thinking (T) or feeling (F). Judging (J) or perceiving (P).

Taking the quiz takes less than 12 minutes, and once you’re done, we’ll tell you what strain is best suited for your unique Myers Briggs personality type.

The Analysts

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  1. The Architect – INTJ (-A/-T)

Architects are praised for being highly intellectual, impressively strategic, and unboundedly imaginative. However, because of their practicality and unfaltering logic, sometimes the Architect can have trouble navigating romantic relationships. Architects may enjoy a strain that will not only expand their mind, open them to new experiences, but also encourage and inspire romantic and loving gestures, like the strain Vortex.

  1. The Logician – INTP (-A/-T)

The Logician’s dynamic thirst for knowledge is unparalleled. They’re philosophical, curious, and practical. However, they can also come off as absent-minded and aloof. Logicians may benefit from a strain that’ll still inspire their creative side, but help them to focus with a clear mind, much like the strain ACDC.

  1. The Commander – ENTJ (-A/-T)

The Commander’s captivating confidence and charisma make them natural-born leaders. They’re incredibly focused and goal-oriented but can sometimes have trouble living in the moment.  Commanders may love a strain will be able to keep them social and the life of the party, but also relaxed enough that they’re not so wound up and are able to soak in every moment, like Blue Dream.

  1. The Debater – ENTP (-A/-T)

Debaters are independent thinkers who have a constant urge to be challenged intellectually, and to challenge others, in order to expand their mind. They are constantly coming up with innovative ideas and plans for future projects, but often have trouble focusing on one at a time after the initial excitement of the new project starts to wear off. That’s why the Debater may love a strain that will keep them clear-headed and focused mentally, but relaxed and chilled out physically, like White Fire OG.

The Diplomats

myers briggs personality type - SAS - Safe Accessible Solutions


  1. The Advocate – INFJ (-A/-T)

Advocates are passionate, driven, and helpful. They are fearlessly kind and will always fight for what’s right. But because they spend so much time and energy on causes that are important to them, they often don’t spend enough time on themselves. That’s why Advocates would benefit from a strain that’ll help them to get introspective and focus on some self-care, much like The White.

  1. The Mediator – INFP (-A/-T)

The Mediator can see the good in everything and can always be relied on for their sunshine-y positivity. But they can’t always express it because they tend to be a little on the shy side. That’s why Mediators may love a strain that can help them break out of their shell and show the world why they’re so amazing, like Strawberry Cough.

  1. The Protagonist – ENFJ (-A/-T)

The Protagonist is naturally the center of attention because they make great leaders. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and sometimes the Protagonist can have trouble committing to tough decisions. The Protagonist may benefit from a strain that’ll help change their perspective to be able to look at their situation in a new light, much like Cinex.

  1. The Campaigner – ENFP (-A/-T)

The Campaigner is a whimsical free spirit, the life of the party, and very charming. However, Campaigners are also highly emotional and easily stressed. Especially when overwhelmed with taking on other people’s problems, which happens often because they are so empathetic. They might love a strain that will help them to balance out and ground themselves in times of high stress and to maintain a positive mindset, much like Sour Diesel.

In part 2, we’ve covered The Sentinels (The Logistician (ISTJ), The Defender (ISFJ), The Executive (ESTJ), and The Consul (ESFJ)), and The Explorers (The Virtuoso (ISTP), The Adventurer (ISFP), The Entrepreneur (ESTP), The Entertainer (ESFP)).

What is your Myers Briggs personality type? Have you ever had your recommended strain before? Let us know about your personality type and strain experiences in the comments section below!

Do you think a different strain would be perfect for your Myers Briggs personality type? Let us know what works best for you in the comments section below.