What Cannabis Strain You Should Be Smoking Based on Your Myers Briggs Personality Type

Part 2

You’ve seen these four letters almost everywhere you go, and people are touting their identity in many social situations. What are they exactly?

Someone’s Myers Briggs personality type breaks up someone’s personality into four distinct parts.

Introversion (I) or extroversion (E). Sensing (S) or intuitive (N). Thinking (T) or feeling (F). Judging (J) or perceiving (P).

Taking the quiz takes less than 12 minutes, and once you’re done, we’ll tell you which strain is best suited for your unique Myers Briggs personality type.

But don’t miss out on Part 1 if you’re one of the Analysts or one of the Diplomats!

3. The Sentinels

myers briggs personality type - SAS - Safe Accessible Solutions
  1. The Logistician – ISTJ (-A/-T)

The Logistician is a pillar of integrity and practicality, and fiercely family-oriented. However, sometimes they could use some inspiration to think outside of the box. That’s why The Logistician may benefit from a strain that’ll inspire them to relax and have a little fun, and maybe even tap into their inner creative side, much like the strain White Widow.

  1. The Defender – ISFJ (-A/-T)

Defenders are the charitable altruists of the world. Leading with kindness, they inspire and help all those around them. But sometimes The Defender is so caught up in helping others that they can repress their own feelings. That’s why we recommend The Defender try a strain that will help them to feel more comfortable communicating their own needs/wants so that those around them can start to help them back, like Banana Kush.

  1. The Executive – ESTJ (-A/-T)

The Executive is unwavering in their sense of organization and tradition. They understand clearly what’s right and wrong to them and follow their own moral philosophy like a compass. Unfortunately, they can tend to be uncomfortable in unconventional situations. That’s why The Executive may benefit from a strain that’ll help to open their mind to new possibilities, but nothing too strong that’ll be too jarring for them, like the strain Jack Herer.

  1. The Consul – ESFJ (-A/-T)

The Consul has a way with people. They’re inherently likable, social, and very popular as a result. While easygoing, they’re still secretly sensitive to criticism and can come off as defensive when faced with it. Consuls may appreciate a strain that’ll help to make them a little bit more emotionally flexible, physically relaxed, and to inspire them not to take themselves too seriously, like Animal Cookies.

4. The Explorers

myers briggs personality type - SAS - Safe Accessible Solutions
  1. The Virtuoso – ISTP (-A/-T)

The Virtuoso is highly inspired about the way they create, make, and do. They’re intensely curious and consistently rational. However, with their creative and practical mind, they’re often bored easily and have trouble focusing on long-term goals. That’s why The Virtuoso might love a strain that will inspire them to focus and complete their awe-inspiring projects, much like Green Crack.

  1. The Adventurer – ISFP (-A/-T)

The Adventurer is artistic, romantic, exploratory, and sensual. They inspire and attract those around them with a captivating effortlessness. But many Adventurers can find themselves easily stressed out, and suffering from a fluctuating self-esteem. That’s why The Adventurer might love a strain that will help to ground them in times of turmoil, like the strain Grandaddy Purp.

  1. The Entrepreneur – ESTP (-A/-T)

Always on, The Entrepreneur is often the center of attention, popular, and praised for their witty sense of humor. They primarily live in the moment, but can sometimes miss the big picture. That’s why The Entrepreneur may appreciate a strain to help them feel peaceful and able to take a step back, much like Girl Scout Cookies.

  1. The Entertainer – ESFP (-A/-T)

The captivating Entertainer is theatrical, exciting, stylish, and positive. They live for being the center of attention and life of the party, but often lose sight of long-term goals. That’s why the Entertainer would love a strain that would keep them focused, but keep up their captivating and social energy, like the strain Green Ribbon.

In our part 1, we covered The Analysts (The Architect (INTJ), The Logician (INTP), The Commander (ENTJ), The Debater (ENTP)), and The Diplomats (The Advocate (INFJ), The Mediator (INFP), The Protagonist (ENFJ), The Campaigner (ENFP)).

What is your Myers Briggs personality type? Have you ever tried your strain before? Let us know about your personality type and strain experiences in the comments section below!

Do you think a different strain would be perfect for your Myers Briggs personality type? Let us know what works best for you in the comments section below.