6 Strawberry Inspired Cannabis Products to Try on National Strawberry Day

Not everyone likes strawberries, but everyone likes strawberry-reminiscent things. Science says so. Trust me. Everything you read on the internet is true.

That being said, we have some amazing cannabis products in stock that are full of strawberry goodness so that you can celebrate National Strawberry Day in style. We know you probably already have it marked and underlined three times on your calendar, but it’s February 27th.

Vape cartridge: Strawberry Cough strain

national strawberry day - Heavy Hitters - SAS - Safe Accessible Solutions

This awesome vape pen cartridge from Heavy Hitters is all strawberry goodness!

Strawberry Cough delivers a distinctly strawberry flavor profile coupled with uplifting cerebral effects for a fun and upbeat head high.

Strawberry Cough is a great strain for getting creatively inspired, but it’s also great to help with any social anxiety if you’re planning on throwing a massive part for National Strawberry Day (I mean, who isn’t?!).

This particular vape cartridge is best used with a battery from this brand, Heavy Hitters, but will work with any compatible battery.

Flower strain: Strawberry Banana

national strawberry day - strawberry banana - SAS - Safe Accessible Solutions

This deliciously strawberry flower strain is perfect for National Strawberry Day.

Strawberry Banana from 350Fire is a scrumptious 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid Strawberry phenotype strain.

This cross of Banana Kush and Bubble Gum is best suited for those looking for a delectable body high with a spark of creativity.
This sweet strain has a high THC content for a potent experience of happiness and peace.

Edibles: Strawberry gummies

national strawberry day - strawberry gummies from District Edibles - SAS - Safe Accessible Solutions

These delightful Strawberry flavored gummies from District Edibles are amazing for National Strawberry Day.

They’re small-batch, scratch-made with activated CO2 cannabis oil from Organa Labs.

These yummy strawberry gummies are low in sugar, low in fat, and gluten-free, making them delicious and guilt-free!
These gummies are made with minimal raw oil and minimal oils high in THCa to ensure that your body absorbs all of the active cannabinoids without any of the cannabis taste.

Disposable vape: Strawberry Shortcake strain

national strawberry day - Strawberry Shortcake strain - SAS - Safe Accessible Solutions

This sweet, berry, and earthy vaping experience is perfect for winding down the most epic National Strawberry Day

This indica Strawberry Shortcake disposable vape from Loudpack offers a blissful full-body relaxation, perfect for relaxing after a memorable day of celebrating strawberries.
The nice thing about these disposable vapes is that their oil is hand-filled after being distilled five times.

If that’s not some serious commitment to quality, I don’t know what is.

Sugar Wax: Strawberry Lemonade strain

national strawberry day - strawberry lemonade strain - SAS - Safe Accessible Solutions

This particular award-winning strain from Paper Planes took 1st place in High Times’ 2015 Denver Cannabis Cup as “Best Sativa Concentrate”.

It also won 1st place for Best National Strawberry Day Wax in my heart!

This strain stays true to its name with notes of tangy aromas and flavors and offers a whimsical and heavily relaxing experience.

Strawberry Lemonade is a perfect cross between Strawberry Cough and Lemon OG.

This cannabis extract is special because it’s a Sugar, which means that the concentrate is extracted differently from other kinds of extracts, which make its consistency and texture a little bit different.

Sugar is super flavorful and has a slightly grainy texture (like little grains of sugar, true to its name).

Many people like to dab with it because it’s not quite as messy as other kinds of concentrates.

It’s a little bit thicker, and not nearly as sticky.

Edible: Wild Strawberries in Dark Chocolate

national strawberry day - wild strawberry in dark chocolate - SAS - Safe Accessible Solutions

These actual chocolate covered strawberries from Satori are legitimately perfect for National Strawberry Day!

Since you’re eating dehydrated strawberries covered in rich, dark chocolate, there’s really nothing better for the holiday, or every day for that matter.

This perfect blend of sweet and tangy levels up cannabis-infused edibles forever, and is a refreshing change from the classic cookies/brownies that we typically see in edibles.

What are your big plans for National Strawberry Day?

If it’s smoking weed and eating strawberries all day long, we’ve got you covered.

On the weed. Not the strawberries. You have to go to a grocery store for that.

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