6 Self-Pampering Cannabis Must-Haves this Fall

You’ve had a nice, long summer.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed some lazy poolside-under-the-sun moments, a few quick trips to the coast for relaxing beach days, and enjoyed all of those fun nighttime events and concerts where the night air was still warm enough to leave your jacket at home.

But now that it’s fall, it’s time to do some recovering in the form of self-pampering.

It’s colder out now, the dry air is chapping your lips and skin, and stresses of planning for the holidays are right around the corner.

Give yourself permission to unwind, give yourself a break, and pamper yourself this fall.

We wanted to curate a list for you especially for times like these.

Inside are only a few of the products we have in stock at our dispensary, Safe Accessible Solutions, that’ll help you to welcome fall with open arms and a tranquil heart.

1. Releaf Massage Oil 1:3 CBD:THC

self-pampering - SAS - Safe accessible solutions - papa & barkley


Soothe dry skin and aching muscles with this luxurious and soothing body massage oil.

When self-pampering with this deluxe product, you can look forward to minimal friction with maximum cannabinoid exposure during the massage.

If you’re focused on an active and wellness-focused lifestyle, this oil from Papa and Barkley is the perfect supplement to your fall skincare regimen.

2. Harvest Apple cartridge

self-pampering - SAS - Safe accessible solutions - dabface


Fall has all of the best flavors. Pumpkin spice, cinnamon, and of course, harvest apple.

That’s why, when you embark on a self-pampering adventure this fall, we want you to be able to experience the full-bodied and potent cartridge from Dab Face for your vape pen.

The Harvest Apple cartridge is a cross between Cinderella 99 and Sour Diesel, which may be a perfect combination for anyone looking to relax and ease stress.

3. Caramel Dark Chocolate CBD 1:1 

self-pampering - SAS - Safe accessible solutions - chill


Satisfy your sweet tooth this fall with some rich, delicious, caramel-y chocolate from CHILL.

This potent chocolate bar has exactly 50mg of CBD and 50mg of THC in each bar, making for a totally balanced CBD:THC ratio that may be perfect for your self-pampering needs this fall.

This chocolate bar is purely magical because it has the ability to possibly soothe inflammation and anxiety all while reducing the intoxication of THC.

4. Releaf Capsules

self-pampering - SAS - Safe accessible solutions - papa & barkley


Acute aches, pains, and stress be gone!

This quick and easy-to-take capsule can help you reduce any of those issues for whole body relief during your self-pampering sesh.

Each vegan capsule from Papa & Barkley contains triple-tested whole plant oil and 30mg of full-spectrum cannabinoids (with a CBD:THC of 1:3).

Like most pills, it’s recommended that you take it with food. But other than that, this capsule is nothing like most pills.

5. Remedy: CBD Strain

self-pampering - SAS - Safe accessible solutions - classic flower


Do you love smoking flower?

If you already love cannabis, chances are, you probably got started with good ole bud.

But what if you don’t necessarily want to get blazed, but you still want to benefit from a potentially significant reduction of anxiety, stress, or pain for your self-pampering?

That’s where Humboldt Farms’ CBD Strain: Remedy comes in.

This high CBD flower strain is suited for consumers who have no intention of getting high or experiencing psychoactive effects.

6. Mango Kush strain by Autumn Brands

self-pampering - SAS - Safe accessible solutions - autumn brands


We couldn’t help ourselves with this one.

Sure, mango may be a more summer-y fruit, but come on, Autumn Brands?!

This cannabis company must have some great products for fall with a name like that.

Mango Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with a lovely and relaxed body high for a great self-pampering session.

True to the name, the flavor of this strain is mostly pine-y but with undertones of tropical mango flavor.

This strain is perfect for enjoying fall, but prolonging summer as much as you can.


Run that bubble bath, put on that soothing music, and reach for your favorite cannabis product for fall-time self-pampering that you need more than ever. Ahhh…

Which of these self-pampering products are you most looking forward to trying this fall?

Right now, we have all of these amazing fall products available in-store, but you better act quick!

These products are flying off the shelves the more the word gets out about how beneficial and fun these products can be!

If you want to make sure that we have your product in advance, feel free to either call our dispensary at (916)-386-9840 or check our online menu.

We hope that you have the best fall season yet. See you at our shop next time!