5 Reasons Why Golden-Agers Are Turning to Cannabis for Senior Health Benefits

What do you think about when you think of the standard cannabis user?

Your mental image probably doesn’t include someone who has enough life experience to get a discount at IHOP.

However, as the cannabis industry expands, so does its clientele. People who are aged to perfection can seriously be benefitting from cannabis for many reasons.

The senior health and wellness community have been turning to cannabis for alternatives to help alleviate pain, soothe ailments, and relax.

These are only some of the reasons why we think cannabis is so popular among seniors.

1. It’s safe

SAS - Safe Accessible Solutions - senior health


Compared to harmful prescription medications and the pills that Big Pharma is responsible for pushing onto the senior community, cannabis is a safe, all-natural alternative. Their priority isn’t always with senior health and often has more to do with addiction and profit.

The side effects associated with common prescription drugs include, but aren’t limited to, diarrhea, dizziness, fatigue, heart issues, hives, nausea, vomiting…The list goes on.

With cannabis, you know that your product comes straight from the earth and doesn’t include any of the harmful chemicals that you can see in the most common of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

2. It’s not addictive

SAS - Safe Accessible Solutions - senior health


Unlike prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, alcohol, and nicotine, cannabis is not physically addictive.

If you began using cannabis and decided, for whatever reason, to stop, you wouldn’t experience any physical withdrawal symptoms.

Nicotine or alcohol addiction, and even prescription medication addiction, are notorious for a difficult and painful quitting processes. And for those who are concerned about senior health, addiction is definitely something to become wary of when trying new medications.

This simply isn’t something seniors should have to worry about, and luckily, you don’t have to when it comes to cannabis.

3. You don’t need to get high

SAS - Safe Accessible Solutions - senior health


As researchers continue to find more and more medical benefits of using cannabis for seniors, we are able to isolate one of the main pain and symptom relieving compounds of cannabis.

This is called cannabidiol, or CBD.  CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning that this chemical in the plant won’t get you high.

Instead, it’s proven to combat pain, anxiety, nausea, seizures, and in some cases, it’s even helped to treat cancer.

But, due to the entourage effect, you may want to consider, when boosting senior health, to have both THC and CBD in your cannabis products. Whole plant medicine makes a significant difference.

Since THC is the component that is psychoactive (gets you high), we recommend microdosing so that you’re able to have perceptible effects that won’t cloud your head.

4. You don’t need to smoke it

SAS - Safe Accessible Solutions - senior health


Using cannabis doesn’t mean putting smoke in your lungs.

For skin or muscle issues, there are cannabis-infused balms, salves, topicals, and ointments.

There are also user-friendly and convenient vape pens that vaporize pure cannabis distillate instantly.

There are also edibles and cannabis-infused drinks that seniors can appreciate for the effects, and for the delicious snack or refreshing drink.

Senior health can be difficult to maintain, depending on the person. That’s why the cannabis industry offers a variety of consumption methods.

We want to ensure that everyone’s sensitivities and health issues are taken into account, and everyone has access to safe and consistent cannabis products that work for their unique lifestyle.

5. It’s fun!

SAS - Safe Accessible Solutions - senior health


Many seniors are experiencing somewhat of a cannabis renaissance.

They may have smoked in the 60s and 70s when it was more popular, or maybe they just remember smoking when they were young.

In any case, enjoying cannabis may be a fun reminder of what it felt like to smoke when they were younger.

While enjoying the physical pain relief coupled with a potential euphoric state of mind, it’s easy for some to let loose and have fun.

Senior health is important, but we think that maintaining a positive state of mind and enjoying the joys of life is also extremely important at any age.

Next time you hear grandma complaining about her arthritis, bring her over to our shop and we’ll help you take care of her.

She may be open to coming along for one of our five reasons, or maybe she has a unique reason of her own.

But let’s be real, ultimately, she’ll be happy just to spend time with you.

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