Skunk Brothers – Green Crack




A classic sativa strain crossed between Skunk #1 and Afghani which will leave you with a potent mental buzz that will keep you productive throughout your day. A great daytime use for anyone who is fighting fatigue and/or depression, leaving the consumer with a great invigorating euphoria. Originally this strain was named “Green Cush” or “C” but, California native rapper Snoop Dogg renamed it “Green Crack.” Snoop Dogg was capturing this strains massive energy boost. Some people say consuming Green Crack is like drinking a gigantic cup of coffee. This strain is a great way to help fight migraines, boost creativity and positivity, staying focused, loss of appetite, neck spasms as well as some forms of ADHD. Green Crack has a sweet tangy mango flavor with a bit of an earthy pine after taste. This strain is beautifully blanketed with white trichomes and little orange and brown hairs.